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"Love has gone and left me and the days are all alike;
Eat I must, and sleep I will,--and would that night were here!
But ah!--to lie awake and hear the slow hours strike!
Would that it were day again!--with twilight near!

Love has gone and left me and I don't know what to do;
This or that or what you will is all the same to me;
But all the things that I begin I leave before I'm through,--
There's little use in anything as far as I can see.

Love has gone and left me,--and the neighbors knock and borrow,
And life goes on forever like the gnawing of a mouse,--
And to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow
There's this little street and this little house."
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Decided to re-listen to the audiobook of Christopher Moore's 'Fool' the other day and was surprised to realize Euan Morton is the (excellent) narrator. I thought there was a reason I liked the Inquisitor's voice in SWTOR so much.

I think I'm developing a crush on his voice, actually. >.> Currently listening to another audiobook he reads, Guy Gavriel Kay's 'The Lions of Al-Rassan'. It's something of an experiment to check if it's the author or the narrator that left me not particularly enthused with 'Tigana'. The result will determine if I spend my next Audible credit on Kay's 'A Song for Arbonne' or Moore's 'Sacre Bleu' (both, not coincidentally, narrated by Morton XD).

I've also been re-discovering Daria courtesy of Hulu. I bought myself the complete DVD of the series and it came today. Excited! (Even though I'm already up to season 5 on Hulu -- but they don't have the movies up and I didn't own "Is it Fall Yet?")
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Oh god why did I have to start playing SWTOR
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not having the ability to edit comments here makes me twitchy. :-/


Feb. 14th, 2012 10:24 pm
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The News Quiz Extra* on BBC 4 Extra is probably my favorite part of the week? It makes me glad my desk is in the back of the office separate from everyone else because I laugh LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. I try not to pay much attention to the news, but it's quite entertaining when you put it that way.

*link leads to the BBC4 site where you can listen to this week's show - starts about 2m30s in.


Feb. 11th, 2012 12:14 am
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I've been feeling bored with my hair color for a while now, so I decided I was going to dye it. I found a dye purporting to be made for dark brown hair and I picked a shade of bright red. Well. I sort of forgot that the last time I dyed my hair (4+ years ago), there was a lot less of it-- it's currently waist length, not just below my shoulders.

Of course I didn't buy two packages of dye like a sane person. Of. Course. Not. Ahahaha.

Add to that I was rushing to get the stuff on and off my head because zomgthefumessobadargh, and I ended up with kind of a piss-poor dye job. -_-;; See, the resulting color is bright cherry kool-aid red, and the un-dyed bits are a REALLY OBVIOUS medium brown... oh yeah, it's fab.

After much consultation with Facebook, I'm going to buy two more boxes of dye tomorrow and try to get the spots I missed.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:02 pm
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Rufus Sewell can read to me anytime.

...that doesn't sound quite right. Oh well ;P
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That cat is in love with me, but to say that it's "mutual" doesn't begin to describe anything. I'm totally irrational about her. She and I are a scandal. (Helen Gurley Brown)
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